Thursday, 24 April 2008

A snippet of D&AD (cross fingers, results coming soon)

Royal Opera house. Pulling the some what exclusive opera back to things the general public (who are not so educated) can relate to. Drawing our influence from soaps, and reality TV and framing the poster adverts asthough they are for a service or helpline for the issues. The stories are all taken from current productions. You may say we are dumbing it down but we want to remove the stigma thats its only for the rolling classes! Brap!

A kitchen solution for Lakeland taking influence from the Chinese 'lazy susan' but implementing it plus the slight changes for the fridge.

Ogilvy brief to promote Listening over just hearing. We thought we would tie it to a current issue and try to raise awareness. - our two executions...

Fashionably lastminute. This poster shows a man rushing to the airport. When you look carefully you realise he has done his buttons up the wrong way. Being spontaneous is cool, people look up to free souls because that is what they truly desire to be themselves. These people’s lives involve enjoying every-minute, without boundaries or complexes. The line fashionably lastminute states this. The mandatory line ‘live every’ will encourage people to embrace this kind of spontaneous. This ad can also be displayed in fashion magazines. On the second execution of this poster campaign we see a girl carrying a suitcase whilst rushing on her way to the airport. As you look down you realise she is wearing tights with different patterns. As before this slight imperfection looked voluntary and stylist.

To see this movie please click here.

To see this banner in situ please click here.

Online Banner on and Homepage
On this banner campaign, we want to encourage viewers to be more spontaneous. We are showing an over-exaggeration of people who use any excuse to go travelling or putting their spare time to good use. Essentially to live and leave spontaneously, using a post-it as a quick farewell note.

Advertising Brief for Breastfeeding sponsored by Best Beginnings:

Through postcard advertising, sell the idea that breastfeeding is a positive choice that young people will want to make when they become parents. Our aim was to show a comparison of Breast milk and Bottle milk ingredient.

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